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Wanted: Useful geopositioning app

When I take a close look at all these geo apps like Foursquare or it’s competitors, none are really useful.So this is what I want:
I want an app that makes it easy for me to know where my friends are, but not necessarily 24/7 (unless they want to) or only when the app is open.
I want something that runs silently in the background on my Android, with advanced but easy privacy controls and support for plugins (many of the requested features below can be implemented as plugins).

I don’t want the world to always know where I am, but if a family member or friend wanna know, the app could tell them when they ask.

It should also make it easy to organize a group of people that is going to the same place.
Want to meet with your friends in the city? Mark a few places to go to and invite some people.
Going to see a movie (maybe rent one)? The app should make that easy too, including choosing which movie(s) to watch.
Barbeque? It should even make it easy to decide and track who brings what.
And of course, you’ll be alerted when somebody is late and see on the map where they are + their average speed (no more asking “where are you and when are you coming?”).

Are you suddenly close to a friend? You are probably not likely to care very much if it’s someone you meet daily, but if it’s a friend you rarely see you’d probably like to know.

A big bonus if it is open source (including the server side software), since I do not want a geopositioning app whose code I’m not allowed to see. It really should be free software.

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