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Turning Torso photo


I really wish I had a better camera. Maybe a Nokia N8 (those phones have amazing cameras). I should get a proper quality camera some day. I know I can find some pretty good angles for photos, but with the cameras I have access to it's rarely worth it.

– Sent from my phone

Tron Legacy 3D

I'm going to watch this movie in less then 2 hours! I hope it's as good as I think it will be! I'll tell you what I thought of it later.

Oh noez!

The snow is melting away!

Animal footprints

What kind of animal could have made these tracks and that hole? [Insert curious smiley]

Gadget: Red Button

Do you ever get so mad that you feel like nuking your workspace out of orbit? Now you can at least make your destructive day dreams slightly more realistic*!

*Not really. Unless there really exists red buttons somewhere for blowing workspaces out of orbit.

Test post

Testing posting from this Posterous client.



This is my first post on WordPress. I just started this blog to have one on WordPress too, just for the sake of it.

My primary one is on Posterous:

Update: Posterous is shutting down. This will be my new primary blog.

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